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Young Art Taipei 2014



地點Venue                台北晶華酒店12 & 14樓
預展VIP Previewing     2014.04.18(五) 15:00 – 20:00 (憑VIP進場)
酒會Cocktail party      2014.04.18(五) 20:00 – 21:30 (憑VIP進場)
公眾開放日Public Opening 2014.04.19(六)-20(日) 12:00 – 20:00

朝代畫廊很高興宣佈,我們即將參加4月18-20號於台北晶華酒店舉辦的 YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2014 台北國際當代藝術博覽會,展位1408。此次我們將展出台灣藝術家陳柏安、黃千倫、吳尚邕、吳佩珊、張哲榕、林餘慶&魏杏諭以及即將於5月底在朝代畫廊舉辦個展的韓國藝術家具本妸的作品,皆為一時之選,希望您與我們一同參與這個亞洲最具特色的青年藝術盛會!

朝代畫廊身為YOUNG ART TAIPEI的共同創辦人之一,多年來不遺餘力的打造這個優質的青年藝術交流平台,期望善盡一己之力,將更多更好的藝術風貌呈獻給您。




Dynasty Gallery is glad to announce that we will attend to YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2014 at Regent Taipei on 2014.04.18-20, booth No. 1408. We are going to exhibit the works of Taiwanese artist CHEN Po-An, HUANG Chien-Lun, WU Shang-Yung, WU Pei-Shan, Sim CHANG, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, and the Korean artist KOO Bon-A, who will have a solo exhibition at Dynasty Gallery in the end of May. We invite you to join the most special contemporary art partty in the Asia!

Dynasty Gallery is the co-founder of YOUNG ART TAIPEI which is an art fair that foucus on the contemporary art. We hope we can do our best to build this young art communication platform and present you more and more great interesting works.





Please visit YOUNG ART TAIPEI official website for moreinformation:





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