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朝代畫廊創立於1984年,為台灣畫廊協會資深會員,負責人曾多屆擔任理事及常務理事,積極推動台灣藝術產業與改善市場環境。90年代開始代理兩岸優秀中青輩藝術家,並於2006年開始經營台灣及亞洲當代藝術,2007年與同業合組「台灣當代藝術連線」,旨在對於台灣當代藝術家的加強推廣,並於2009年成立"Young Art Taipei 台北國際當代藝術博覽會"。2019年開始為"One Art Taipei 藝術台北"共同創辦人之一。


Founded in 1984, Dynasty Gallery is a senior member of Taiwan Art Gallery Association. Being the director and exclusive director for many times in the association, Dynasty Gallery has been actively propelling the art industry of Taiwan.


Since the 90s, we have been representing outstanding cross-strait artists, and started managing Taiwanese and Asian contemporary artists since 2006. Aiming for promoting contemporary artists in Taiwan, we gathered galleries and organized “Taiwan Contemporary Art Link” in 2007, held “Young Art Taipei” since 2009 as one of the co-founder, and we will be one of the co-founder of the art fair “One Art Taipei” since 2019.

Now, the management of Dynasty Gallery include two sections: the first is managing master pieces of the famous artists, such as Yayoi Kusama, Walasse Ting, Chu Teh-Chun, Takashi Murakami and etc.; the other part is supporting excellent emerging young Asian artists. We hold 5-7 exhibitions each year, with the earnest of discovering talented rising star.

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