香港中心藝術博覽會 2019

Art Central HK 2019


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日期Date          2019.03.27-03.31

地點Venue             香港中環海濱(香港中環龍和道9號)

                            Central Harbourfront (No. 9, Lung Wo Road, Central, HK)

​展位Booth              F07

開幕Opeing           2019.03.26 (Tue.)

朝代畫廊欣然向您宣布,我們即將於2019三月份參展Art Central HK 2019 中心藝術博覽會,展位F07。Art Central HK是目前亞洲相當重要的大型藝術博覽會,每年都會有超過七成以上來自於亞太地區的畫廊在此參與展出,不但著重關注於亞洲在地的藝術呈現及思考,更是被公認為探索當代藝術實驗性的最佳平台。朝代畫廊在推廣當代藝術上一直不遺餘力,此次將以去年於Art Central HK獲得亮眼成績的林餘慶&魏杏諭,以及在朝代舉辦個展有著不俗表現、即將首次於香江亮相的王永衢等兩組藝術家的最新作品參與此次國際藝術盛會,我們對此感到相當期待。


Dynasty Gallery is pleased to announce you, we will attend to Art Central HK 2019 which will be held at Central Harborfront in the end of March, booth F07. Art Central HK is a very important annual art fair in Asia now. More than 70% of the galleries from the Asia-Pacific region are participating in this art fair every year. It not only focuses on the presentations and reflections of art in Asia, but is also widely recognized as the best platform for exploring the experimental aspects of contemporary art. Dynasty Gallery has been sparing no effort in promoting contemporary art and will exhibit the works by LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, WANG Yung-Chiu in Art Central HK 2019. We are quite looking forward to this.




















LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu (b. 1983 & 1982 ,Taiwan) are double combination artists. They graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design in Chaoyang University of Technology in 2007 and both live in Taichung now. The works of LIN & WEI are collected by many museums and foundations such as National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan), Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation (Macau), Annie Wong Art Foundation (Hong Kong), Yan Lugen Art Foundation (Nanjing) and international collectors from Hong Kong, USA, Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. LIN and WEI were also invited by MOCA Yinchuan, (Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung) for attending exhibitions.


LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu use the most industrial medium, marker pen, as the main base of their works. The steady and regular patterns of color-using builds up an atmosphere close to Tempera and Frescoes works, bringing people a peaceful and steady experience. In addition, the articles connecting different series has added the synchronicity of ancient murals to these work(to put a whole lengthy story on one wall), which provides the audience with an overview while they immerse in the exquisite details at the same time.

王永衢畢業於美國西雅圖康沃爾藝術學院,現居於台中。他的作品曾多次於台灣及美國展出,例如《捕捉漸瞬》(朝代畫廊,台北)、《Art Taipei》(世貿中心,台北)、《台灣當代一年展》(台北爭豔館,台北)、《Mapping Fixes》(Richard Hugo Gallery,西雅圖)以及《New Points》(Behnke Gallery,西雅圖)等。身為一個以抽象作為創作表現方法的藝術家,王永衢一直在持續探索顏色、律動、空間、構圖、平恆、與質地的極端可能性,這些作品的構圖與創作,深深受到科學時空與他出身亞洲求學美國的背景等因素影響。



WANG Yung-Chiu graduated from Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle in USA. Currently he lives and creates in Taichung, Taiwan. His works were exhibited in Taiwan and USA for many times, such as Catching Evanescence (Dynasty Gallery, Taipei), Art Taipei (Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei), Taiwan Annual (Taipei Expo Dome, Taipei), Mapping Fixes (Richard Hugo Gallery, Seattle) and New Points (Behnke Gallery, Seattle). As an artist who uses abstraction and minimalism as a method of expression, WANG has been continuously exploring the extreme possibilities of color, rhythm, space, composition, balance, and texture. 


After returning from US to Taiwan to settle, WANG thought about the broken-ice crackle of the Southern Song Dynasty porcelain and began to work out slowly to use "crackle" as the main visual element. For him, the meaning of the crackle is to remind the existence of time: No matter how clean and smooth, the new surface may still be rough due to time. On the other hand, the structure formed by color and shape is also a noteworthy feature of his works. For the artist, graphic works do not just mean that the audiences must watch statically at a certain distance. Through the actual distance between the audiences’ body and the work, the viewing itself can be a dynamic process of perception.

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