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大阪藝術博覽會 2023

Art Osaka 2023

2023.07.28 - 30

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2023.07.28 - 07.30

地點:大阪市中央公會堂 3F

展位:畫廊展區 C-13




Art Osaka 2023

2023.07.28 - 07.30

Venue: 3F, Osaka City Central Public Hall

Booth: Gallery Section C-13

 LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, Julia HUNG


繼本月初的東京展覽順利落幕後,朝代畫廊緊接著即將重返大阪,參展日本關西最熱鬧藝術盛事《ART OSAKA 2023》,展位為畫廊主展區C-13,展期為7月28日至30日。此次,我們將在富有文化歷史意義的大阪市中央公會堂裡,以展板的形式呈現林餘慶&魏杏諭的繪畫,以及洪郁雯的銅線編織雕塑,彼此相互輝映,期望為西日本帶來屬於台灣的熱情與藝術之美。

After the exhibition in Tokyo earlier this month, Dynasty Gallery is heading to Osaka for the renowned art fair "ART OSAKA 2023," which is considered one of the most vibrant art events in Kansai area. We will be at booth C-13 of the Galleries section, and the date will take place from July 28th to July 30th. This time, we will present the paintings of LIN Yu-Ching and WEI Hsing-Yu, as well as Julia HUNG's copper wire woven sculptures in the form of panels at the historically significant Osaka City Central Public Hall. These artworks will complement each other, radiating the passion and artistic beauty unique to Taiwan, and we hope to bring this experience to Japan.



N Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu starting to co-create have more than fifteen years. In the world they built, the fixed and regular patterns of color-using make an atmosphere close to Tempera and Frescoes works, bringing people a peaceful and steady experience. In addition, the articles connecting different series has added the synchronicity of ancient murals to these work (to put a whole lengthy story on one wall), which provides the audience with an overview while they immerse in the exquisite details at the same time. The main character “Wulala” is like an avatar of the artists and always appeared in the works. As a guide, Wulala brings us to discover and wander about unhurriedly in LIN & WEI’s poems which are created for the artworks.


Born in Taiwan in 1983 & 1982, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu both graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at Chaoyang University of Technology in 2007. Their works have been collected by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, both domestic and international foundations, as well as significant collectors. They will hold a solo exhibition at the Dynasty Gallery at the end of this year.


110x60cmx2pcs, 紙上複合媒材, 2021



洪郁雯1986年生於台北,2012年畢業於多倫多安大略藝術設計大學插畫系,2016年獲日內瓦高等藝術設計學院美術系-當代藝術家實作碩士。她曾獲屏東美展、日內瓦New Heads – Foundation BNP Paribas Art wards等獎項肯定,作品被瑞士重要畫廊Artvera’s與歐洲、兩岸等地私人藏家收藏。

Julia HUNG having lived in various countries since childhood and being influenced by diverse cultures, she chose to create sculptures using the technique of three-dimensional weaving, inspired by the skilled craftsmanship passed down from her grandmother. HUNG combines this traditional technique with vibrant copper wires and incorporates the play of light, allowing her artworks to visually entwine in space, evoking a poetic atmosphere reminiscent of sunlight filtering through trees or the shimmering waves of the sea. Her works often explore and experiment with different possibilities through various media, utilizing rich colors to contemplate the perspectives of artificial reality, consumer culture, and the dual nature of things. Through dialogue with others, she seeks to find her own mission and meaning as a human being through art.


Julia HUNG was born in Taipei in 1986. She graduated from the Illustration Department of OCAD University in Toronto in 2012. In 2016, she obtained a Master of Art HES-SO in Fine Art, Work.Master - Contemporary Artist Practice, HEAD, Geneva. She has been recognized with awards such as the Pingtung Art Exhibition and the Geneva New Heads – Foundation BNP Paribas Art Awards. Her works have been collected by prestigious Swiss gallery Artvera's, as well as private collectors in Europe, Taiwan, and other regions.

洪郁雯 《初始狀態22》

73x49x39cm, 彩漆銅線, 2023

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