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ART TAIPEI 2014台北國際藝術博覽會


朝代畫廊榮幸的宣佈,我們將於10/31-11/3參展全亞洲最重要藝術博覽會之一:《Art Taipei 2014台北國際藝術博覽會》,展位B40。此次我們將展出朱德群、丁雄泉、草間彌生、吳尚邕、吳佩珊等藝術家精品,另外林餘慶&魏杏諭2014 最新創作個展《奇異國》將作為特別企劃呈現,給您帶來精彩的藝術饗宴。




藝術巨匠朱德群罕見的大幅水墨作品《Mar. 08 No.1》將在此次盛會中展出。朱德群在晚年因身體行動不便,創作量稀少,此件水墨作品為朱晚年創作,可謂難得一見之佳作,值得細細品嘗。丁雄泉《躺著的女人》採用了他最廣為人知的題材,然而作品中不裸露卻又處處充滿撫媚的姿態,隱約帶有含蓄意味的美感,實為丁雄泉心中充滿熱情的具體表現。對於草間彌生而言,創作是一種自我療癒的過程,1991年所創作的《南瓜》就是相當具代表性的作品。一生為精神疾病所苦的草間彌生,持續不斷地使用波點與線條釋放藏在她心中的思緒,而這也是她與這個世界交流的唯一方式,在我們看來卻充滿驚奇與不可思議。台灣青年藝術家吳尚邕與吳佩珊則不約而同的運用抽象的方式表達自身創作思路:吳尚邕無論是在肌理、量感的營造,或是在整體氛圍的醞釀都十分出色,他將中國山水繪畫中所謂的高遠、深遠與平遠等移動視角靈活運用,看似鉅觀的宏 大抽象畫面,其實也精心藏匿了某些機巧精微的具象細節,兩者的結合不但絲毫未見衝突矛盾或扞格不入,甚至還因此激盪出某種超現實的況味來;而吳佩珊熟嫻地使用不銹鋼媒材,將自然意象以及工業化意象連結,讓看似矛盾對立的兩者,能夠產生一種和諧共存的平衡感,所以在她的作品中可以看到將自然山脈的有機線條做為表面的處理方式,讓觀者想像居住在如此建築內的感受,看似天馬行空,實則充滿對於現實社會的關懷與體會。











We are pleased to announce that we will participate Art Taipei 2014, one of the most important art fair in Asia, at the Booth B40. We will present Chu The-Chun, Walasse Ting, Yayoi Kusama, Wu Shang-Yung, Wu Pei-Shan’s excellent works and Lin Yu-Ching & Wei Hsing-Yu’s solo exhibition “KIWI LAND” as our special project in Art Taipei 2014.




《Mar. 08 No.1》, this rare large size ink painting by Chinese art master Chu Teh-Chun was created in his later years. Chu’s creation in his later years was so few due to his inconvenient body. So it is a very special chance to exhibit his late work at this pageant, and we recommend you to take time to admire this great piece. Walasse Ting’s《A Lying Woman》was created with his the most well-known subject. We can see that the covered body with sexy pose in the work, and feel some aesthetic feeling with implied meaning vaguely. Actually, this is Ting’s particular expression way to show his passion. The work《Pumpkin》is a representative work by Yayoi Kusama which was made in 1991. For Kusama, creation is a kind of self-recovering process. Kusama has suffered from the mental problem in her whole life, so that she needs to use polka dots and lines to release the pressure in her mind. That is her only way to communicate with the world. However, it is a wonder and inconceivable matter for the general people. Undesignedly, the Taiwanese young artists Wu Shang-Yung and Wu Pei-Shan apply abstract way to express their personal ideas. No matter the constructing of the texture, quantity or the brewing of the overall atmosphere from Wu Shang-Yung’s work, we can understand the artist is remarkable. Wu Shang-Yung applies the Chinese landscape painting skill as “three perspectives” flexibly. The abstract scene looks so macroscopic, but it hides some ingenious details in the painting meticulously. It is not conflicting and incompatible between these two parts. Instead, they become some kind of surrealistic meaning thus. Wu Pei-Shan is very familiar with the sculpture material as stainless steel. She connects the natural and industrial images, and lets the contradictory two sides emerge balance. So, we can see that she uses organic line as mountain to be the surface on her work, and lets the viewers imagine the experience to live in the building like this. It seems be unrestrained but full of caring about the real society.




We hope to meet you at the most splendid art fair in Taiwan!





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