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台北國際藝術博覽會 2020

Art Taipei 2020


台北國際藝術博覽會 2020
2020.10.23 - 10.26

地點:台北世貿一館 (台北市信義區信義路五段5號)

Art Taipei 2020

2020.10.23 - 10.26

Date: 2020.10.23 - 10.26
Venue: Taipei Word Trade Center (No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City)
Booth: E02
Participating Artists: Yayoi KUSAMA, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, TSENG Shang-Jie, Mr. Mido
※Ticket only:
※Please be sure to follow the epidemic prevention measures of the organizer.


朝代畫廊很高興向您宣布,我們即將參展《Art Taipei 2020台北國際藝術博覽會》,展位E02,公眾展期為10月23日至26日於台北世貿一館;今年我們將推出草間彌生、林餘慶&魏杏諭、曾上杰與米豆先生等四組藝術家的經典藏品以及最新力作。在世界疫情仍舊持續當下,台灣藝壇依舊充滿豐沛能量,能夠有像《Art Taipei 2020台北國際藝術博覽會》如此規模的大型藝術展會能持續舉行,更顯得彌足珍貴,也歡迎各界觀眾踴躍出席這意義非凡的年度藝術盛會。









Dynasty Gallery is pleased to announce that we will attend to Art Taipei 2020, Booth E02. The public date will be October 23 to 26 at Taipei World Trade Center. This year, we will exhibit Yayoi KUSAMA, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, TSENG Shang-Jie and Mr. Mido. When the world is still under the threat of COVID-19, art is still full of energy in Taiwan. It is even more precious that an art fair for public like Art Taipei 2020 can be held continuously. Everyone is welcomed to this extraordinary annual art event.


The works of Yayoi KUSAMA spanned the two most important artistic movements of the second half of the twentieth century: Pop and Minimalism. In her influential creative career, her works include paintings, sculptures, performances, installations that fill the entire room, literary works, movies, fashion, design, and interventions in existing architectural structures. Since 2000s, KUSAMA has received solo exhibition invitations continuously from art museums around the world. Her works are widely known to people, and now she is the most influential global artist. This time, Dynasty Gallery will exhibit Yayoi KUSAMA’s most popular pumpkin series. The round and plump pumpkins are memories of Kusama’s childhood and symbolize her love for this world.


In the painting series of LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-yu, they created a fantastic world view. The amazing color distribution makes the image rich and gentle. They do not forget to deal with details in the busy and compact rhythm, creating a balanced ecological appearance. In addition, the connection of objects between the series of works also gives their creations the synchronicity of ancient murals: a long story is presented on a wall, allowing the viewer to see the whole story at a glance, but also in the details leisurely. It is worth mentioning that the limited-edition sculptures of LIN & WEI will also be exposed for the first time at Art Taipei this year. The little black protagonist who shuttles through their works will have an official name-"Wulala". They will jump out of the painting image and say HI to us loudly. If you like LIN & WEI's works, please don't miss it!


TSENG Shang-Jie specializes in wood carving. He does not pursue the precise reproduction of the form but tends to reinterpret the spiritual feeling. The artist believes that looking at his three-dimensional works from the perspective of painting can be better expressing his inner perception of the world. The randomness generated by the color of the paint covering the knife marks, as well as the ambiguity of coloring and then engraving, both of them echoing the artist's cognition of the "subtraction" of sculpture is also an exploration between reality and nihility. The "Swinger" series exhibited at Art Taipei this time seems to be TSENG's research report on urban youths of similar age with the artist, but actually it is a quick glimpse of pedestrians on the road and the extended imagination that follows. The artist uses knife marks to express the speed line, and the blank color of details trigger people's imagination. Like sketches, a kind of pleasant and unrestrained style emerges spontaneously.


In the almost 20 years of creation career, Mr. Mido has been different professional fields such as comic magazine editor, teacher, writer, street performer, professional painter, etc., and has been in touching with all kinds of people. So, he has more works feature and harmony that belong to him. The graffiti creations exhibited at the Art Taipei this time were created with acrylic pens in a 360-degree rotating canvas, so there is no fixed hanging direction, which makes the picture present a subtle gravity-free state. Many lines and color blocks were composed rich and somewhat childlike codes and presented waves of his own inspiration before our eyes. Mr. Mido’s wonderful life experience makes his works directly reach the hearts of the people. It also allows us to face this complex world more easily.

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