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台北國際藝術博覽會 2023


2023.10.20 - 10.23

台北國際藝術博覽會 2023
2023.10.20 - 10.23

地點:台北世貿一館 (台北市信義區信義路五段5號)





2023.10.20 - 10.23

Venue:Taipei World Trade Center (No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City) 
Artists: KUSAMA Yayoi, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, TUNG Min-Chin, TSENG Shang-Jie, HUANG Chun-Chia, Julia HUNG

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十月漸入爽秋,朝代畫廊將參展台灣規模最大藝術盛事《Art Taipei 2023台北國際藝術博覽會》,展位為藝廊集錦J11,公眾展期為10月20日至23日於台北世貿一館;今年Art Taipei熱鬧迎來第30週年,我們因此也隆重推出草間彌生、林餘慶&魏杏諭、董旻晉、曾上杰、黃俊嘉、洪郁雯等眾藝術家精彩力作,共同為這值得紀念的時刻喝采。

Dynasty Gallery is set to participate in Taiwan's largest art event "Art Taipei 2023." Our booth number is J11. Art Taipei 2023 will be open to the public from October 20th to 23rd at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. This year marks the vibrant 30th anniversary of Art Taipei, and to celebrate this milestone, we are proud to present outstanding works by a diverse group of artists, including Yayoi KUSAMA, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, TUNG Min-Chin, TSENG Shang-Jie, HUANG Chun-Chia, and Julia HUNG. Together, we applaud this commemorative moment.

草間彌生 Yayoi KUSAMA《無題 Untitled》

10x10.5x10,5cm, 複合媒材 Mixed media, 1985



Yayoi KUSAMA is one of the most important and influential Asian artists in the history of contemporary art. She is renowned for her prolific and ground-breaking practice, spanning paintings, sculptures, performances, moving images, and large-scale installations. Trained in traditional Japanese painting, she moved to the United States in 1957 and soon established herself in the American and European avant-garde for her unique and radical artistic language. She returned to Japan in 1973 and has relentlessly reinvented and created art that resonates with the time in which she lives. Yayoi Kusama emerged as a global cultural icon for the twenty-first century by pursuing her uncompromising avant-garde vision. Over the past seven decades, she honed a singular personal aesthetic and core philosophy of life. Kusama’s work captivates millions by offering glimpses of boundless space and reflections on natural cycles of regeneration.

林餘慶&魏杏諭 LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu

《灰星體88號-蜘蛛花 Gray Star No.88-Spider Flower》

110x80cm, 複合媒材 Mixed media, 2023



LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu starting to co-create have more than fifteen years. In the world they built, the fixed and regular patterns of color-using make an atmosphere close to Tempera and Frescoes works, bringing people a peaceful and steady experience. In addition, the articles connecting different series has added the synchronicity of ancient murals to these work (to put a whole lengthy story on one wall), which provides the audience with an overview while they immerse in the exquisite details at the same time. The main character “Wulala” is like an avatar of the artists and always appeared in the works. As a guide, Wulala brings us to discover and wander about unhurriedly in LIN & WEI’s poems which are created for the artworks.

董旻晋 TUNG Min-Chin《植覺 Plant consciousness》

70x20x20cm, 高山樟、鐵 Alpine camphor, iron, 2023


TUNG Min-Chin has been engaged in artistic creation for over two decades, continuously exploring the interplay between various surface textures and forms, seeking any potential in wood as a creative material. His earlier sculptures often focused on mass and emphasized smooth, flowing lines in their forms. In recent years, due to changes in his life, he has yearned for a lighter, more relaxed feeling and an appreciation for the weathered textures of ancient wood. Consequently, his creations have gradually shifted towards hollowing out and carving the wood, reducing the material's weight, and embracing organic lines that mimic the natural weathering of objects. He still retains the tactile sense of carving, allowing viewers to experience the artist's thought process in his creations. TUNG's creative philosophy always starts from everyday life, whether it's the relationship between people and objects, the projection of personal emotions and self-image, or his own journey through family and teaching. In all of these aspects, we can feel his wholehearted dedication to wood carving.

曾上杰 TSENG Shang-Jie《散步》

40x20x30cm, 樟木、壓克力顏料 Camphor, acrylic, 2023


TSENG Shang-Jie specializes in wood carving, and he doesn't aim for precise reproduction of forms but rather seeks to reinterpret the spiritual essence. TSENG believes that looking at his three-dimensional works from the perspective as paintings allows for a better expression of his inner perception of the world. The randomness created by the knife marks covered with pigments and the ambiguity resulting from coloring and then carving out again all echo the artist's understanding of sculpture as "subtraction," representing a exploration of the interplay between reality and illusion. His "Swinger" series may appear to be a study or investigation of the youthful urban population of similar ages, but it is, in fact, a fleeting glimpse at pedestrians on the street and the extended imagination that follows. The "Park" series, on the other hand, represents the artist's admiration and tribute to individuals who courageously take on challenges while skateboarding, as well as a contemplation of how to expand spatial scenes through geometric three-dimensional forms.

黃俊嘉 HUANG Chun-Chia《謐 Quiet》

70x52.5cm, 紙本複合媒材 Mixed media on paper, 2023


HUANG Chun-Chia began studying calligraphy and painting during his student years, and even after obtaining his Ph.D. degree, he continued to delve into the realm of creativity. He broke free from the classical literary themes and drew inspiration from everyday life phenomena, seeking the maximum potential of ink and brushwork through the metaphors in text and form. In his abstract ink series, he encircles the shapes we habitually use for communication with geometric figures, documenting the tracks of past and present lives. Through the sedimentation of emotions and sensations, the artist narrates the collective memories of "what the eye sees" in an indistinct manner. Those seemingly familiar symbols of a textual system construct the essence of the unintentional existence. If viewers carefully read the phrases left by HUANG in his works, they will discover that he recites them like a bard, whispering the long-lasting urban sentiments that have circulated among us for a long time.

洪郁雯 Julia HUNG《初始狀態21 Untamed21》

69x41x29cm, 彩漆銅線 Enameled copper wire, 2023


Julia HUNG having lived in various countries since childhood and being influenced by diverse cultures, she chose to create sculptures using the technique of three-dimensional weaving, inspired by the skilled craftsmanship passed down from her grandmother. HUNG combines this traditional technique with vibrant copper wires and incorporates the play of light, allowing her artworks to visually entwine in space, evoking a poetic atmosphere reminiscent of sunlight filtering through trees or the shimmering waves of the sea. Her works often explore and experiment with different possibilities through various media, utilizing rich colors to contemplate the perspectives of artificial reality, consumer culture, and the dual nature of things. Through dialogue with others, she seeks to find her own mission and meaning as a human being through art.

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