ONE ART Taipei 2021


ONE ART Taipei 藝術台北 2021
2021.01.15 - 01.17

地點:台北西華飯店 (台北市松山區民生東路三段111號)






ONE ART Taipei 2021

2021.01.15 - 01.17

Venue: The Sherood Taipei (No.111, Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei)
Public Date: 2021.01.16 - 10.17
VIP Preview: 2021.01.15
Booth: 1501
Participating Artists: Yayoi KUSAMA, TSAI Shih-Hung, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, TSENG Shang-Jie
※Ticket only: https://www.onearttaipei.com/buyticket
※Please be sure to follow the epidemic prevention measures of the organizer.


有幸於台灣疫情控制得宜,朝代畫廊得以再次於《ONE ART Taipei 2021藝術台北》1501展位與您相見,公眾展期為1月16日至17日於台北西華飯店。此次我們將展出草間彌生、蔡士弘、林餘慶&魏杏諭、曾上杰等四組藝術家的經典藏品以及最新力作。






曾上杰專攻木作雕刻,他並不追求形體的精準重現,而是傾向如何將精神感受再演繹。藝術家認為,從繪畫角度看待自己的立體作品,更能表達他的內心對世界的感知,其顏料上色覆蓋著刀痕所產生的隨機性,以及上色後再刻掉的曖昧感,皆是呼應藝術家對於雕刻「減法」的認知,也是一種虛實之間的探索。此次在ONE ART Taipei中所展出的《航入風中》、《Groovinfinity》兩件作品是曾上杰對自身內心不同方向的切入,讓人駐足細細品味。


在過往的系列裡,常見蔡士弘以不同意象的構圖來反映各種社會景觀,以觀察者的姿態來諷刺許多光怪陸離的現象;然而近一兩年的作品中,他更像是一名經歷過許多故事的吟遊詩人,深刻地向觀眾娓娓道出自身的生命軌跡。前次個展中所探討的「時間」,到此次於ONE ART Taipei所呈現的「孤獨」,可感受到藝術家心境回歸平淡的自我剖白。《漂流》、《獨自》等作品所呈現出畫布底色質感的留白,給予觀者一種閱讀他人日記的感受。

Fortunately, the epidemic in Taiwan is well controlled so that Dynasty Gallery can be able to meet you again at Booth 1501 of "ONE ART Taipei 2021". The public date is from 16 to 17 January at the The Sherwood Taipei. This time we will exhibit the classic collections and latest remarkable pieces of four groups of artists including Yayoi KUSAMA, TSAI Shih-Hung, LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-Yu, and TSENG Shang-Jie.


The works of Yayoi KUSAMA spanned the two most important artistic movements of the second half of the twentieth century: Pop and Minimalism. In her influential creative career, her works include paintings, sculptures, performances, installations that fill the entire room, literary works, movies, fashion, design, and interventions in existing architectural structures. Since 2000s, KUSAMA has received solo exhibition invitations continuously from art museums around the world. Her works are widely known to people, and now she is the most influential global artist. This time, Dynasty Gallery will exhibit Yayoi KUSAMA’s several limited-edition prints which are very worthy for the first time collection by collectors who are interested in KUSAMA’s works.


In the painting series of LIN Yu-Ching & WEI Hsing-yu, they created a fantastic world view. The amazing color distribution makes the image rich and gentle. They do not forget to deal with details in the busy and compact rhythm, creating a balanced ecological appearance. In addition, the connection of objects between the series of works also gives their creations the synchronicity of ancient murals: a long story is presented on a wall, allowing the viewer to see the whole story at a glance, but also in the details leisurely. Except the painting we familiar, LIN & WEI’s limited edition sculpture “WULALA” was also presented to the audience last year and won the favor of many collectors. Don’t miss it again!


TSENG Shang-Jie specializes in wood carving. He does not pursue the precise reproduction of the form but tends to reinterpret the spiritual feeling. The artist believes that looking at his three-dimensional works from the perspective of painting can be better expressing his inner perception of the world. The randomness generated by the color of the paint covering the knife marks, as well as the ambiguity of coloring and then engraving, both echoing the artist's cognition of the "subtraction" of sculpture is also an exploration between reality and nihility. The two works "Into the Wind" and "Groovinfinity" exhibited in ONE ART Taipei this time are TSENG's different directions of his own heart, which makes people stop and savor.


In the past creations, it is common for TSAI Shih-Hung to use different imagery composition to reflect various social landscapes, and to satirize many bizarre phenomena with the attitude of an observer. However, in the works of the past two years, he is more like a bard who has experienced many stories. He whispers to the audience the trace of his life profoundly. From the subject "time" discussed in the previous solo exhibition, to the "loneliness" presented at ONE ART Taipei this time, we can feel the artist's self-confession of returning to the ordinary state of mind. "Drifting", "Alone" and other works present the blank of the canvas background texture, giving the viewers a feeling of reading other people's diaries.

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