氣──氛:Robert SEIKON個展

ATMOSPHERE: Robert SEIKON Solo Exhibition


氣─氛:Robert SEIKON首次台灣個展
2019.11.23 - 2020.01.10 (延展)


ATMOSPHERE: Robert SEIKON Solo Exhibition

2019.11.23 - 2020.01.10 (extended)

Venue: Dynasty Gallery Hall B (No.43, Leli Road, Da-An Dist., Taipei)

Opening:2019.11.23 (Sat.) 4PM
※This exhibition is cooperated by Sonder Foundation and Dynasty Gallery

朝代畫廊向您宣布,我們將與英國桑德基金會(Sonder Foundation)再次攜手合作,於11月23日至12月28日共同舉辦波蘭藝術家Robert Seikon首次台灣個展《氣─氛》,並於11月23日當天舉行開幕茶會。此次個展將展出Robert Seikon十件2019年最新架上繪畫作品,其中包括兩件與希臘藝術家Anastasia Papaleonida Pountza的聯合創作。在兩年前的夏天,Seikon曾在朝代畫廊舉辦的《Unknown Pleasures:一場巷子裡的塗鴉派對》現地創作戶外壁畫作品,並保存至今。此次Seikon再度來台,將舞台從街頭移往室內,以繪畫持續傳達他的創作理念。




Seikon經常旅行於世界各地創作及生活,也因此培養出他對自然環境及人與人之間關係的獨特洞察力。這次的個展標題原文為《ATMOSPHERE》,同時包含了多種涵義:其一為過去一年來他在希臘旅行時所見過的環境變化,包含對海洋的運動、山脈的形狀、天空的顏色、森林光影的變化……等的自然現象觀察,再來則為人們與他們孕育出的價值觀所帶來的氛圍。在這幾年的旅程之中,Seikon開始意識到人的價值觀對他的世界感知影響最為深遠;今年年初他與希臘藝術家Anastasia Papaleonida Pountza的共同創作經驗,也給予Seikon創作上很大的啟發。對於Seikon來說,創作作品的那一刻,是將許多親自感應到的想法與經驗的排列組合,從在環境中蒐集的靈感到釋放情感的過程,這之間的探索便是驅使他成為藝術家的動力。


Robert Seikon 1987年生於波蘭格地尼亞,近期生活創作於希臘雅典,他於波蘭格但斯克美術學院取得碩士並創作至今,近年來除了自身的作品外,同時也持續參與「Rurales」鄉村壁畫創作紀錄片計劃。作品經常於世界各地巡迴展出,近年展覽包括《Anastasia Papaleonida & Robert Seikon》雙個展(Jan Arnold Gallery,維也納,2019)、《Ar/t/chitecture台南環境藝術創作展》(東門美術館,台南,2018)、《Proabstraction》(Swinton Gallery, 馬德里,2018)、《RITE》個展(Gallerie 42b,巴黎,2017-2018)、《Compendium》(Treason gallery,西雅圖,2017)、《Unknown Pleasures》(國立台北教育大學防空洞藝廊,台北,2017)、《Znaki / Signs》駐村個展(Galeria Fotografii,波蘭西維德尼察,2016)、《Swinton Gallery Berlin Edition》(ReTramp,柏林,2016》、《RURALES》(Layup,波蘭格但斯克,2015)、《A Major Minority 2》(1 AM Gallery,舊金山,2015)、《ATA》個展(Zatoka Sztuki,波蘭索波特,2014)、《URBSTRACTIONS》(Pretty Portal,杜塞道夫,2014)等。Seikon的戶外壁畫及雕塑作品散見於世界各大城市,亦被眾多藏家喜愛收藏。


Dynasty Gallery is honored to work together again with Sonder Foundation from the UK and announces the opening of Polish artist Robert Seikon’s latest solo exhibition “ATMOSPHERE” will be at 4PM on 23 Nov. 2019. The exhibition will be exhibited from the day to 28 Dec. Robert Seikon will present his newest ten pieces of painting in the show, including two joint creations with Greek artist Anastasia Papaleonida Pountza. In the summer of two years ago, Seikon created an outdoor mural work in the event "Unknown Pleasures: a graffiti party at the alley" which was happened at Dynasty Gallery. The outdoor mural was preserved until now. This time, Seikon came to Taiwan again and moved the art stage indoors for continuing to convey his creative ideas with painting.


Seikon's work types include canvases, murals and sculptures. Since 1999, he has been active in the art world and public fields. Over the years, his style has evolved from textual patterns to geometric and organic shapes. Seikon specializes in creating unique geometric patterns that are designed to vary in different surfaces through color arrangement and shape design.


Seikon travels frequently to create and live around the world, and thus develops his unique insight into the natural environment and the relationships between people. The title of this solo exhibition is "ATMOSPHERE" and contains many meanings. The first is the environmental change that he has seen during his travels in Greece in the past year, including the observation of natural phenomena such as the movement of the ocean, the shape of the mountains, the color of the sky, the changes in the light and shadow of the forest, etc., and the atmosphere which is aroused by the human and their values. During these years of travel, Seikon began to realize that human values have the most profound influence on his world perception; his co-creation experience with Greek artist Anastasia Papaleonida Pountza earlier this year also gave Seikon great inspiration. For Seikon, the moment of creating a work is a combination of many personally-inspired ideas and experiences, from the inspiration gathered in the environment to the process of releasing emotions. The exploration between these is the power to drive him to become an artist.


Robert Seikon was born in Gdynia, Poland in 1987. He recently based in Athens, Greece. He obtained his master's degree at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in Poland and has been working since then. In addition to his own works, he has also been involved in the project "Rurales". His works are often exhibited around the world, including the exhibition “Anastasia Papaleonida & Robert Seikon” duo exhibition (Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, 2019), “Ar/t/chitecture” (Licence Art Gallery, Tainan, 2018), “Proabstraction” (Swinton Gallery, Madrid, 2018), “RITE” solo exhibition (Gallerie 42b, Paris, 2017-2018), “Compendium” (Treason gallery, Seattle, 2017), “Unknown Pleasures” (Cave Gallery, Taipei, 2017), “Znaki / Signs” residential solo exhibition (Galeria Fotografii, Świdnica 2016), “Swinton Gallery Berlin Edition” (ReTramp, Berlin, 2016), “RURALES” (Layup,Gdańsk,2015), “A Major Minority 2” (1 AM Gallery, San Francisco, 2015), “ATA” solo exhibition (Zatoka Sztuki, Sopot, 2014), “URBSTRACTIONS” (Pretty Portal, Düsseldorf, 2014), and etc. Seikon's outdoor murals and sculptures are scattered throughout the world and are also popular with collectors. Seikon's outdoor murals and sculptures are scattered throughout many cities in the world. His works are popular and collected by many collectors.