日期Date          2019.09.21-11.02

地點Venue             朝代畫廊B館(台北市大安區樂利路43號,近六張犁捷運站&遠企)

                            Dynasty Gallery B (No. 43, Leli Road, Da-An District, Taipei, Taiwan)

開幕暨座談            2019.09.21 (Sat.) 4PM

Opeing & Artists' Talk



Speaker:Sun Yi-Hua (Artist, Professor of Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University)
        KOO Bon-A (Artist, Ph. D of Department of Fine Arts, Hongik University, Korea)
※座談將配置中韓文即時翻譯 Chinese – Korean translation

     This exhibition is selected as a regional cooperative project by Art Council Korea & Incheon Metropolitan City & Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture




具本妸1976年生於首爾,於韓國弘益大學東洋畫系取得學士與碩士,後於同校美術學系取得博士。曾於台、韓、日、中、港、美、英、德等國家的美術館與畫廊展出,如《午夜》(Google Go畫廊,加州矽谷Google總部,2019)、《Art Olympia》(東京都美術館,東京,2019)、《許多事情的開始與結束2》個展(敦義門博物館,首爾,2018)、《空間,充滿觀念》(韓國文化中心,洛杉磯,2018)、《新伊甸園》(金雞湖美術館,蘇州,2017)、《光州畫壘》(韓國國立亞洲文化廳,光州,2017)、《無為而無不為》個展(朝代畫廊,台北,2014)、《走進自然》(Irorimura畫廊,大阪,2014)、《KOOISM》個展(熏依社畫廊,上海,2012)、《八色居詞》(OCI美術館,首爾,2012)、《Earth's Banranjeon》(烏拉尼亞美術館,柏林,2012)等。作品曾獲首爾美術館、韓國國立當代美術館、OCI美術館、仁川藝術文化基金會以及各國重要人士收藏。


“For me, the works express the source and circulation of eternal life, and I hope that all the circulative objects can maintain a translucent which always contains unknowingness to the audience and to me.”

Dynasty Gallery is pleased to announce you, that we will hold the opening and Artists’ Talk of Korean ink artist KOO Bon-A’s latest solo exhibition “Wreck Scenery” at 4PM on 21 Sep. 2019. The exhibition will be held from the day to 2 Nov. KOO Bon-A expressed her thinking of time and life to the public from her Taiwan solo exhibition in 2014 and 2015. Her special creation languages and elements are very popular by the collectors and audiences. In “Wreck Scenery”, KOO will exhibit more than 20 pieces of ink painting and one installation. And, we are also honored to invite Dr. SUN Yi-Hua, the Professor of Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, to be the guest speaker in the Artists’ Talk.

For KOO Bon-A, her creation is a process of expressing the heart feeling by visual way. It can make us to be free from the stereotype and disorientation by listening and understanding them through the artworks when we communicate with the object which can’t speak. Only sincere and pure conversation can make it. KOO is good at arranging the chaos and messes in the harmonious way. To this, she tries to communicate with the forgotten “ruins”. No matters the fallen walls, debris from buildings or barren gardens, all of them are the result from the culture of human. However, they will return to the nature in the end through time and be a kind of transition, then erasing the gap and anxiety between nature and human being. The stones, bricks of wall and wilted plants appearing in the artworks have created traces and shapes through the interaction of time and space. This change makes these inorganic objects seem to be perfused with life and guides us to the direct intuition of reality.

KOO Bon-A was born in Seoul, 1976. She got master’s degree in Department of Oriental Painting, Hongik University and doctor’s degree in Department of Fine Arts, Hongik University. KOO has exhibited in galleries and art museums in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, US, UK and Germany, such as “Midnight” (Google Go Art Gallery, Google headquarter, CA), “Art Olympia” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, 2019), “he Beginning and End of a Lot of Things 2” Solo Exhibition (Don -Eui Gate Museum, Seoul, 2018), “Space, Fill with Notion” (Korean Cultural Center, LA, 2018), “Neo-Eden” (Jinji Lake Museum, Suzhou, 2017), “Gwangju Huaru” (National Asian Cultural Complex, Gwangju, 2017), “Nothing Is Intentional But Nothing Exists Without Intention” Solo Exhibition (Dynasty Gallery, Taipei, 2014), “Into the Nature” (Irorimura Gallery, Osaka, 2014), “KOOISM” Solo Exhibition (Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, 2012), “Ba Se Ju Ci” (OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, 2012), “Earth’s Banranjeon” (Urania Museum of Art, Berlin, 2012), and etc.. KOO’s works has ever been collected by Seoul Museum of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, OCI Museum of Art, Incheon Culture Foundation, and important collectors in the world.

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